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Dear Empaths, Intuitives + Sensitives,

I’m so glad this website found you. If I knew your address, I would have delivered this as a love letter straight to you. But I knew the magic would take care of it for us. And in knowing, the magic brought you this website to aid in replacing your current experience with greater understanding, joy and expansion.

As I reach into your mind, your heart and all that you feel, this is what I hear from you:

As a child you believed in magic; all things mystical and unseen. It wasn’t a question in your mind, it was simply your truth. At times you could feel it. All this energy all around you, as though you were in secret communion with the magic. It was something special and sacred that only those who truly believe in magic could participate in.

Every now and then, you still have these magical moments. You’ll get a vision and see how things will work out. Or you’ll be thinking of someone and they’ll call. Your favorite is when all of a sudden you just know something that you didn’t know before. Like all this wisdom was downloaded into your brain and you now have exactly what you need for what’s next. It’s rare these days. But when it happens, it’s like the magic is winking at you, reminding you it’s still there somewhere, you just have to find it again.

Now, you also have anxious moments that at their worst turn into panic attacks. It seems to happen most when you’re around certain people or emotional situations. As though it’s not even yours. This idea of feeling someone else’s stuff, sometimes even their thoughts... It’s all consuming and can even take your breath away. Not in the I’m-in-love-good-kind-of-take-my-breath-away. It’s quite literally hard for you to breath.

You don’t know what to do about. So you usually try and ignore it. You focus on your kids and your business instead. Which isn’t hard with how much time and energy they take. It just seems that lately the anxiety is getting worse and the feelings are getting stronger. You feel miserable. You want more than your current experience. You want more than managing your current experience. You want it to matter. You want it to have a deeper meaning. You wanted it to be connected to the magic. I'm here to show this connection. To bring you to your more. 

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“Alisabeth is an unusually special person. Not only has she taught me priceless teachings and skills, but she has done so with sincerity, clarity, inspiration and love. Alisabeth was and is exactly the person I needed in my life in order to propel myself forward into my best self. Her Soul Realignment was particularly powerful. It turns out that things were a little complicated at that level and I don’t think I could ever have untangled myself without her help. She lovingly explained what was going on and gave me the tools to make my soul whole and in alignment. I experienced instant change that, at my previous pace, I would have taken years to achieve on my own, if ever. Through one process, Alisabeth accomplished what no doctor, therapist, program, treatment facility, practitioner or coach has been able to do in 10 years. I’d say she has given my life back to me, but what I have now is infinitely better than anything there ever was before. She is one of the people I am the most grateful to and would unhesitatingly recommend working with her if you truly are ready for meaningful change in your life.”
— Ruth L., Orem, UT
“My session with Alise was amazing and encouraging. I walked away feeling supported, motivated and with clarity. I wasn’t sure of what to expect. I’ve sought help from intuitive practioners in the past. Our session was great because it really felt like she connected with my angels for guidance. She was a fantastic facilitator and guided me into understanding my path. Her questions pinpointed the blocks and helped in opening up to my gifts and desires fully. She understands life and was very relatable. Above all, she has such a light, open and loving heart. She listened with love and introspection. I would recommend her work to anyone wanting clarity in any situation of needing clarity and understanding. I feel empowered and connected to source.”
— Julie J., Salt Lake City, UT