Dear Cosmic Sister,

You are here for a reason. You are ready to give birth to your full divine potential. The desire burns within you to know the depths of who you are and why you are here. And yet... it feels out of reach. You long to trust your inner wisdom and crave connection to all that is Divine. You may wonder why after all the work you have done inherited beliefs, coping mechanisms and unconscious patterns continue to hold you back. You have forgotten your truth. You ache to feel joy bursting within each cell of your being, but have forgotten your power. 


It's time to stop creating barriers to living your joy. I will help you remember who you are and why you are here. I will help you see that you are not broken, nor have you ever been.

you are made of love, compassion, creativity, power & wisdom

Working together, you will know exactly what is getting in the way. You will open and connect to your intuition and divine gifts.


It's time to unleash the abundance that dwells within


Discover who you are, your Divine gifts and your Soul's purpose. Uncover the specific blocks and restrictions that prevent you from living your Truth.

Immediately clear out the bullshit and shift into greater awareness. Know what else is possible for you. Explore more about Soul Realignment here.


Angel Card Certification

Cultivate connection with your Spirit Guides, gain tools for creating communion and build a relationship that serves your Highest Good.

Learn to trust your intuition through proven results. Learn more about Angel Card Certification here.


reiki certification

Reiki is universally guided life force energy. Open yourself as a channel for this life force energy to flow through you. Use Reiki as a powerful tool for holistic healing and tapping into cosmic abundance.

Find out more about Reiki Certification here.

“I have been able to use my teachings from Alise to enhance not only my personal life but also the lives of family and friends. They often come to me seeking advice and guidance. By utilizing my Angel Cards, I have been able to give them much deeper, more meaningful and some truly amazing information that I have downloaded from their Angels and Angel Cards. Adding this tool to my coaching toolbox has been a godsend. Alise’s teaching style is one of compassion, caring, humor, and skill. She captivates her audience and makes them want to come back for more learning and lessons. She is deeply intuitive and gives me deep comfort during this spiritual journey that I am embarking on. Lately I have done Alise’s Soul Realignment Process. In just a few short days, I have noticed many positive changes. Just today I was filled with such clarity, vision and energy that I literally sat down and wrote several chapters that had been inside of me for my upcoming book. This gave me such a feeling of accomplishment. I know that it was due to this Soul Realignment process that I have started. Amazing, amazing stuff!”
— Trish W., Park City, UT
“My session with Alise was amazing and encouraging. I walked away feeling supported, motivated and with clarity. I wasn’t sure of what to expect. I’ve sought help from intuitive practioners in the past. Our session was great because it really felt like she connected with my angels for guidance. She was a fantastic facilitator and guided me into understanding my path. Her questions pinpointed the blocks and helped in opening up to my gifts and desires fully. She understands life and was very relatable. Above all, she has such a light, open and loving heart. She listened with love and introspection. I would recommend her work to anyone wanting clarity in any situation of needing clarity and understanding. I feel empowered and connected to source.”
— Julie J., Salt Lake City, UT