Hi love, I’m Alise.

An intuitive healer, writer, teacher and coach. I'm dedicated to helping Empaths transmute their traumas into tools that can help them heal themselves and others. I’m honored to share powerful healing modalities, like the Akashic Records, with empathic women like you, so they may embrace their gifts and amplify the light in the world.

we all have a special gift

It's scary. I know. I'm still afraid. Every time I push the boundary on what is possible, I ask myself, "Am I crazy? Have I completely lost my shit?" Then I close my eyes, take a deep breath and anchor back into my truth, my soul truth. And my soul reminds me of my journey and the beauty in everything I've endured.

i believe it’s critical we use our traumas and challenges to fortify our gifts & catapult ourselves into the light where we are sharing those gifts with the world.

Born and raised in the Mormon state of Utah, I spent my life torn between two worlds. My religious Mormon upbringing was peppered with hushed mysticism, energy healing and essential oils.  Along the way, I felt lost in the cracks, unsure of where I belonged.

I felt unseen, unworthy and certainly not special. My intuitive abilities and sensitivities felt like a curse. I operated in a constant state of overwhelm, trying to fit into a world that didn't fit me. It was only after spending 15 years cycling in and out of a haze of depression and suicidal ideation, and haunted by unhealed traumas, that I began to understand my gifts. Once I fully embraced my empathic gift and stepped into my purpose as a Healer, I learned to not only manage my gifts, but use them as a catalyst to help hundreds of others heal.




Our lives should be dedicated to our gifts. To finding them and sharing them with the world.


It’s the only reason we’re here. It’s what makes life worth living.


It’s what makes everything else in the world matter.


The moment I honored who I truly am is the moment my life became magical. Since embracing my gifts, I've forged a path from overwhelm and depression, straight into joy and purpose, where I’ve fully embraced my natural state of woo. Now I love my gifts! They are my most prized possession and my favorite thing about myself. And because of them and the business they helped me build, I spend my days studying and teaching the Akashic Records, writing, traveling the world with my husband and daughter and eating chocolate. Lot's and lot's of chocolate.

I invite you to explore what's on the other side of depression and overwhelm. Discover what is available with your gifts.

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