Embrace Your Soul's Calling

You can be deeply certain and a little doubtful.

You can be scared and know it's time.

Allowing your soul to authentically express itself through its purpose as a Healer brings the greatest amount of fulfillment and joy as an Empath. Right now, you may be hiding your gifts. You have a knowledge of their presence, but no clear way to bring them out into the world and make lasting impact. Learning the Akashic Records is a wonderful way to bring understanding and a framework to embodying your purpose. You will know exactly how to get to the root of whatever ails those you serve. You will help them access the truest parts of themselves and anchor into their own inner guidance. You will bear witness to the places within them that have called to be seen and heard, bringing them into a greater state of love and joy.

the soul healer academy is for you if:

  • You crave to learn a modality to channel your healing gifts
  • You long to embrace and enhance your intuitive abilities
  • You want to show up in service in a big way, while also honoring your own healing journey
  • You're ready to make a difference in the world

as a soul healer, you:

  • Learn to be a healing catalyst for yourself and others
  • Deepen your own healing process, unraveling the layers and forging a path of purpose and joy
  • Dismantle limiting beliefs to allow for more joy and pleasure in your life
  • Live your purpose as a Healer
  • Explore the infinite wisdom of the Universe

at the end of 4 months, YOU WILl be:

  • Communicating with your soul to receive the highest level of guidance available
  • Connecting with your Spirit Guides to manifest your desires
  • Giving Akashic Record Readings and Healing sessions
  • A Certified Akashic Record Practitioner
  • Creating a business aligned with your soul
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becoming a soul healer includes:

  • Being a part of a tribe of Soul Healers stepping into their power
  • 12 weeks of Akashic Record immersion with juicy, recorded modules and 12 live weekly support calls
  • Private accountability Facebook group

Next Group Begins August, 2018


Acceptance into program is via application only and includes a 30 minute chat to ensure this is a good fit for both of us.


What types of services will I be able to offer with this certification?

The information you will have access to in the records is vast. I formally break up the information into Healing Sessions and Readings. A Reading is where you are simply relaying information from the Records. The main Readings you will learn how to give are the Soul Blueprint Readings and Spirit Guide Readings. A Soul Blueprint Reading will tell your clients their intuitive gifts, their Soul's purpose and how their soul best expresses itself on Earth. A Spirit Guide Reading will help your clients connect to their Spirit Guides by knowing how many they have, how to identify them and how to work with them for optimal manifestation.

For Healing Sessions, you will be able to identify exactly what is keeping your client stuck, what trauma the block is connected to (present or past-life) and how to clear it.


what is it like to access the akashic records?

Imagine an ancient library. Leather bound books from floor to ceiling, Gold embossing on every spine

As you scan the shelves, one in particular stands out to you. The spine spells out your name. You find yourself holding the book. As it opens in your hands, stories of all the lifetimes you have ever lived pour out of the pages. Every decision you have ever made and its energetic consequence can be found here. Soul contracts. Soul traumas. Spells. Curses. Bindings. Your karmic backpack. 

The pages turn, more stories unfold. Your intuitive gifts are shown to you, clear as day. Your soul's purpose for being on this planet, unveiled. Akashic Record Guides lead you to the most important parts. The places in which your soul is longing to be seen and healed. They introduce you to your Spirit Guides. They walk you through every step of the way.

This all takes place from the comfort of your living room, as you learn to access its contents in the 5th dimension and beyond.



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“ My thirst for knowledge expanded with each and every class. I have been able to use my lessons to enhance not only my personal life but also the lives of family and friends.  They often come to me seeking advice and guidance.  I have been able to give them much deeper, more meaningful and some truly amazing information. Adding this tool to my coaching toolbox has been a godsend. I can fulfill my life’s purpose.  Having this knowledge makes it easier to say yes to my soul.” 

Trish W. – Intuitive Guide, Author and Ceremonialist