Imagine a Business You Love in Full Service of the Highest Good

Your business has a soul. It has it's own, unique form of consciousness that with every action you take brings it either closer to or further away from alignment with it's purpose and your purpose. It's consciousness is a direct mirror of your own consciousness and self-alignment. The more aligned you become with your true path + purpose, the more aligned your business becomes to fully serving your clients in the highest good of all.

Intuitive Business Sessions go deep into the Akashic Records to reveal information specific to your life path + purpose and the path + purpose of your business.


Soul + Business Alignment- $330

This 120 minute session will delve into your Soul's Blueprint + the alignment of your blueprint to your current business.

Your Soul's Blueprint

  • The specific divine energies unique to you that make up who you are
  • Your soul's specific purpose
  • Your innate divine gifts and how to share them
  • Your origination: the solar system of your first place of birth and how this impacts your life on Earth

Your business alignment

  • How in alignment is your business with your Soul's Blueprint
  • Most powerful shifts to make today
  • Maintaining high-level alignment moving forward


alignment + future Consciousness- $430

This 180 minute session allows us to source from the full potential of your business and bring it to the present moment in full alignment with your Soul's Blueprint. It includes everything in the Soul + Business Alignment session plus accesses the soul-level desires of what your business wants to become. This allows us to source from the potential of the business to bring the present moment into alignment of this potential, creating an ultimate love relationship between our and your business now.