Call for Submissions

The next book published by Soul Healer Academy will be showcasing the power of past-life work in the Akashic Records and it’s transformational impact on our everyday life. Calls with clients will be transcribed and used to tell the story of their journey from diagnosing the problem linked to a past-life trauma, how it’s impacting them today and how their life has shifted from the past-life work accomplished with you as their guide. Multiple sessions to follow the client journey will be required.

Deadlines are as follows:

The publish date for the book is July 18th.

  • First call recording submission deadline: March 31st

  • Transcription of client calls and story of your own journey deadline: April 15th

  • First Draft of all sections of your submission: May 15th

  • Final draft of your submission finalized by June 1st, including, but not limited to:

    • Your own Akashic Record Journey

    • Your Client’s intentions

    • Your Client’s journey through the Records (part story, part call transcription)

    • Your client’s feedback/transformation story

    • Your author bio

  • Final approval of book (checking the book for accuracy in your name and final approval of your chapters): June 22nd

You may anticipate spending about 20 hours on the writing and editing portion of the book and about 5-10 hours of marketing, which will take place in July. There is no guarantee future SHA book will be published, though I am anticipating 3 per year. If you want to participate, but are unable to meet the deadlines, there may be a future book for you to submit calls for.

who MAY apply?

For this book, I am approving submissions for up to four authors total.

Submissions are accepted from any current student or graduate of Soul Healer Academy. Preferential treatment is given to those who have not been featured in a SHA book before. If you have been featured in a previous book and would like to participate in this one, an investment of $500 is required (payment arrangements may be made).

what i’m looking for in the client sessions

  • Diagnosis of current problem they want to solve

  • Root of problem is connected to a past-life

  • Understanding/connection to how the past-life event is impacting their current life, beyond the problem they wanted to solve

  • A transformation in the everyday experience of the client’s life and their initial problem being solved

  • Frame of reference that aligns with the teachings in Soul Healer Academy

As energetic exchange from your submission, you will:

  • Become a published author at no financial cost to you.

  • Have the opportunity for a bulk purchase of print books at the author price, to sell at your own accord.

  • Be seen as an expert in your work and have a great marketing tool for your business.

  • Be able to use the book in all of your own marketing for your business, put together your own book signings, tours, speeches, etc, using any of the material in the book to showcase the power of the Akashic Records and the work that you do.

  • Have all copy editing, proofreading, formatting and publishing work done for you.

Submitting your call

You may submit your call recordings to with the title “SHA Book Submission”