Dear Sister,

You want so badly not to be the person who spends days in bed because there's simply no motivation to get out of it. You hardly remember what's it like not to feel depressed or anxious. Those times you do find yourself feeling good, it feels so fragile. You're afraid of falling right back into the darkness.

You've tried everything: therapy, medication, diet, doesn't seem to do the trick. You've done hard things in the past, but for some reason can't seem to pull yourself out of the hole you keep finding yourself in.

You start to question if there's hope. Is it even possible not to feel so stuck, alone and helpless?

You could just give in. Give in to the numbing and checking out of reality. Give in to the belief that this is simply how life looks for you. OR... 

You Could Reclaim Your Birthright

You can anchor into the knowing that there is more available to you, simply because you are human. You are energetically designed to receive infinite energy and abundance into your being and I am here to help.

It is not time to give up! It's not time to give up because I'm here to truly see you and hear you and show you what else is possible.

My name is Alisabeth Ann and I'm an Akashic Record Practitioner & Spiritual Life Coach. With the use of the Akashic Records, I will help you identify and heal the root cause of your depression and anxiety. By accessing and clearing the wounding from your present and past lives, you will move out of the darkness once and for all. 

I want you to know I've been right where you are. The first time I considered suicide I was ten years old. I spent more than half of my life consumed by a darkness and disconnection from life that I didn't understand. Sometimes I would go months, even years feeling fine and then life would happen and pull me back under. I spent the majority of my 20's looking for tools, solutions and a path to guide me to happiness. Exploring my spirituality through yoga, holistic health, angel cards readings, Reiki and ultimately learning the Akashic Records, I found the magic sauce that brought me fully back to myself, living the life I had always longed to live. 

I want to help you achieve the same. I believe that you have a divine birthright to experience an abundance of joy and within your physical form. You have a place where you belong and everything you need to find yourself in a life of ease. 

It's your turn and it's your time! I invite you to join me for a complimentary energy reading to give you clarity on the next best step for you to take on your journey out of the darkness. Simply click below and we'll get started!

“I came to Alise from a life of depression, anxiety, anger and debilitating despair, feeling trapped by my issues, unable to find healing or happiness... She helped me to understand the negative energetic patterns and beliefs I was subconsciously holding on to, and how to process through them... Alise also helped me to understand how my soul moves through life, how I learn, grow, experience things, giving me the tools to move through life with more grace and ease. Alise’s understanding of the problems and issues that plague us, along with her gifts and abilities of working in the Akashic Records, makes her the most powerful facilitator of healing I have come across...”
— Dustin B., Salt Lake City, UT
“Alisabeth is an unusually special person. Not only has she taught me priceless teachings and skills, but she has done so with sincerity, clarity, inspiration and love. Alisabeth was and is exactly the person I needed in my life in order to propel myself forward into my best self. Her Soul Realignment was particularly powerful. It turns out that things were a little complicated at that level and I don’t think I could ever have untangled myself without her help. She lovingly explained what was going on and gave me the tools to make my soul whole and in alignment. I experienced instant change that, at my previous pace, I would have taken years to achieve on my own, if ever. Through one process, Alisabeth accomplished what no doctor, therapist, program, treatment facility, practitioner or coach has been able to do in 10 years. I’d say she has given my life back to me, but what I have now is infinitely better than anything there ever was before. She is one of the people I am the most grateful to and would unhesitatingly recommend working with her if you truly are ready for meaningful change in your life.”
— Ruth L., Orem, UT