The Akashic Records contain every decision your soul has ever made, including your past lives and even before your incarnation on Earth. I like to think of it as a Google search engine for the soul. Whatever ails you, we can find the answers here.

Do you feel as though:

  • An invisible force is holding you back
  • Moving through the day is a struggle and you don't know why
  • You've tried lot's of different things and nothing seems to work

Then, it's time for an Akashic Record Reading.

You're ready to understand what is happening at a much deeper level, soul-level.

You want to understand the root cause of why you feel the way you do and experience life in such a restricted state.

You know by understanding the root, you can finally take steps that will have a lasting impact.

You can find a way past the depression and overwhelm once and for all.


Say "Yes!" to living!  Sign up for an Akashic Record Preview Reading. We will identify exactly what's getting in your way. 

* All information is kept private and not shared with any outside source.