Unlock the tools within + become a catalyst of transformation for yourself + the world

Reiki is universally guided healing energy. Through Reiki attunement, you open yourself as a channel for this life force energy to flow through you. This energy may be guided for holistic healing for yourself and others.

Reiki is given and received through esoteric transmission. It is passed on through the generations from Master to Student. Alisabeth is an 8th generation Usui Reiki Master. She has worked with dozens of people all over the world and continues to explore and discover new ways of working with Reiki. With Alisabeth, you have permission to explore all facets of energy healing and utilize Reiki in your own, divine way.

Reiki classes with Alisabeth are unique in that they focus on both developing your spiritual gifts in addition to learning Traditional Usui Reiki. It is an incredible tool for your own intuitive development as well as sharing with the world.


LEVEL 1 initiation OUTLINE


  • Spiritual Anatomy 101
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • Connecting to Your Subtle Body Meditation
  • Meeting Your Reiki Guide Meditation


  • Where Reiki came from
  • The benefits of using Reiki
  • How to channel Reiki in person for people, plants and animals
  • Preparing for, beginning and ending each Reiki session
  • Self-clearing tools for before and after


  • Attunement of Level 1 symbol
  • Practitioner Certification for Level 1
  • Recording of all meditations

level 2 initiation

Intuitive development

  • Deepening Spiritual Anatomy
  • Timeline Healing
  • Manifesting with Reiki
  • Having an Intuitive Business

Reiki Development

  • Sending Reiki long distance
  • Healing beyond the constructs of time and space
  • Understanding the language of Reiki energy


  • Attunement of Level 2 symbols
  • Practitioner Certification for Level 2
  • Recording of all medications

master initiation

intuitive development

  • The Crystal Reiki Grid
  • Aura Clearing
  • Dowsing for intuitive accuracy

reiki development

  • The Violet Breath
  • Reiki Master Meditation
  • Attuning others in Level 1, 2 and Master attunements


  • Attunement of the Master symbols
  • Reiki Master Certification

schedule & locations

Group initiations

Group classes are taught throughout the year at different locations across the U.S.

Check the Classes & Events page to see if there are any group classes near you.


private initiations

Private attunements are available in person and long distance. There is an additional $50 fee. The general rule of thumb is to allow 30 days between Level 1 & 2 and 6 months between Level 2 and Mastery. Each person is different and every situation will be addressed individually.

Long distance students will receive their packet and certification in the mail and via e-mail.


Level 1 or 2:

Pay in Full
Amount at checkout $200.00 USD
Two Payments
At checkout$110.00 USD
Every 4 weeks (x 1)$110.00 USD
Total $220.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Pay in Full
Amount at checkout $300.00 USD
Two Payments
Start payments At checkout
At checkout$160.00 USD
Every 4 weeks (x 1)$160.00 USD
Total $320.00 USD
Three Payments
Start payments At checkout
At checkout$110.00 USD
Every 4 weeks (x 2)$110.00 USD
Total $330.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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