setting your intentions

Intentions anchor and guide energy. You will get as much out of this Course as you intend to. I recommend taking your time with setting your intentions. Please have intentions submitted at least 48 hours prior to class. The moment you pay and set intentions, energy begins to shift. Because we are working with energy beyond time and space, you are already begining to access the attunement you will have during class. 

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Preparing for Your Attunement

During the week leading up to class, I recommend eating clean and ensuring you are drinking enough water. Inflammation in the physical body is inflammation in the spiritual body. Foods that tend to cause inflammation are: sugar, fake sugar, flour (specifically gluten of all forms), dairy and eggs (unless happy chicken eggs).

Rule of thumb for water consumption: your weight / 2 = minimum number of ounces to be consuming each day

This is not an area where we choose into stress about what could or should be done. Choose what feels good and light. Do that and whatever that is, it is absolutely enough. 

Day of class, I recommend creating Sacred Space for our time together. Set the mood. Have candles, crystals, totems, anything that helps you get in tune. Be comfortable. Have pillows, your favorite blanket, tea, water and snacks at the ready. Please wear either white or black.