Soul Healer Academy is Open for Enrollment!

Watch the Orientation video for Soul Healer Academy to learn more about what this could look like for you. Then schedule a time for us to connect and ensure we are a great fit!


Enrolling Now Through April 14th

classes start Monday, April 15th

Love Letters from Soul Healer Academy Graduates

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“Soul Healer Academy is a unique gem in the sea of spiritual fog surrounding the topic of the Akashic Records and this kind of healing work. The course contains thorough information and demystifies the spirit realm for anyone seeking. The Academy proves its worth time and time again, not only as a practitioner, but in personal matters as well. I can’t imagine my life without the Akashic Records, Soul Healing Academy and the wonderful tribe of people I am working with. Without it and Alisabeth’s help, I wouldn’t be accomplishing the amazing life I am living today, all the while helping people make real changes in their own lives.”

-J. Christensen, Soul Healer Academy Graduate, 2019


“I would recommend Soul Healer Academy without hesitation. It has opened my eyes, my way of thinking, and how to really connect with others. It has given me hope, purpose, and motivation to be the best version of me.”

-Cassandra Sorenson, Soul Healer Academy Graduate 2019


Here’s the scoop…

as a soul healer, you:

  • Activate your divine gifts and life's purpose

  • Learn to be a healing catalyst for yourself and others

  • Deepen your intuition and trust in yourself and your abilities.

  • Dismantle limiting beliefs to allow for more joy and pleasure in your life


at the end of 4 months, YOU WILl be:

  • Communicating with your soul to receive the highest level of guidance available

  • Connecting with your Spirit Guides to manifest your desires

  • Giving Akashic Record Readings and Healing sessions

  • A Certified Akashic Record Practitioner

  • Creating a business aligned with your soul


  • Being a part of an intimate group of other Soul Healers

  • Twelve months of Akashic Record immersion with juicy, recorded modules, available to move through at your own pace

  • Twelve months of weekly calls, with recordings available for any missed days

  • Twelve months of access to a private Facebook support group to ask any questions during the week

  • Twelve months of being held in your highest, while you hold others in theirs

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Special April Bonuses:

  • Money Shadow Integration with Master Practitioner Meaghan Thompson (valued at $94)

  • Become a best-selling author by contributing to the next Soul Healer Academy book (valued at $1500)




what exactly am I getting myself into?

You will be doing a deep-dive into the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records contain every decision your soul has ever made. Whatever soul truth you seek, you may find the answers here. In Soul Healer Academy, you are given maps to navigate these Records to find the most pertinent of information that will help you and your clients align with the highest version of themselves, walking a path of purpose and empowerment.

The Akashic Records are not another spiritual tool. They are the toolbox. They give meaning and structure to your gifts, amplifying the tools you already have. They are the container that holds you through the transformation of being guided to becoming the Guide.

How long is the course?

The modules required to become a Certified Akashic Records Practitioner can be completed in as little as four months. Enrollment in Soul Healer Academy includes 12 months of support through the process. This allows you to go at your own pace and be supported in actual client work once certified. The support you receive consists of weekly group calls, a Facebook group and the online modules.

What will I learn, specifically?

You will learn to access the Akashic Records for the intention of identifying your client’s Soul’s Essence, Soul’s Lineage, their Spirit Guide Connection and the Soul’s Requests for Healing.

  • The Soul’s Essence and Soul’s Lineage helps us discern between who we are at soul-level versus our conditioning and programming. It shows us our divine gifts we have to offer the world, our soul’s purpose and the way of being that allows for the greatest ease and joy in life.

  • The Spirit Guide Connection helps bond your clients to the cosmic support they have at their fingertips. It teaches them to work in co-creation with the Universe and how to manifest their desires, while also having a feedback system along the way.

  • The Soul’s Request for Healing is where we are able to identify what’s getting in the way. Guided by the client’s intention, we an get to the root cause of what ails your clients, addressing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components. Here we pinpoint the past-life or present-life trauma that aided in the “stuckness” that is presenting in their lives.

As you learn this for your client’s, you also learn this for yourself. You will receive your own Soul Profile that shows you all of the above so that you receive the experiential understanding of being a “client” going through the Records.

What is the investment?

The cost for this fully immersive, year-long container is $3300.

What if I don’t have the money?

When we make our resistance or uncertainty about the money, we take energy and intention away from the actualization process. Finding the money is the easiest part of the journey. To demonstrate this, PayPal Credit is available to you at 0% interest for the first 6 months. This keeps your payments low and incredibly reasonable.

what is the application process?

Students are hand-picked based upon their level of alignment and vibrational resonance with the program. Those who have worked with Alise one-on-one, or with other Soul Healer Academy Practitioners, are given priority. The application process is simply a chat with Alise to ensure resonance and soul-desire. If we harmonize, and your soul says, “Yes!” you will be invited to enroll.

You may be deeply certain and a little doubtful.

You may be scared and know it’s time.