Cultivate deeper connection between you + Your GUIDES

We all have an inner team of Spirit Guides and Angels who provide us with daily guidance and direction. They love to communicate with you and long to deepen this relationship. When we are not consciously communicating with Our Guides, they are doing their best to serve us based on our energetic communication. They uphold this energetic communication until we tell them otherwise. For most of us, we have Spirit Guides upholding communication that no longer serves us. These vibrations present in our lives as invisible barriers to getting what we want and restrict our spiritual evolution.

This session is for you if you are ready to become a powerful creator of your life. This is for you if you are ready to be wrapped in the comfort of Cosmic energy. This is for you if you are ready to have a team of Cosmic partners helping you achieve everything you desire.

Know that you are never alone. You have a team who has been waiting for your acknowledgement. They are ready to wrap their arms around you and navigate the ebbs and flow of this life together.


During your session, we will cover:

  • How many Guides you have, their names and/or characteristics
  • How to Co-create with Your Guides and who to call on for what
  • If you have guides that are no longer serving you, and how to correct it
  • Important messages they have for you at this time

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Channel Your Guides
“My life feels sacred more and more again. There is more love and space and depth for and in myself ... and magical things happen. It’s only little things, but it feels like my boat is steering in a new direction and there is more clarity and ease. There are a lot of such little wonderful things, which in the end make my days and give me a completely new feeling about my life and journey . Thank you for just appearing in my life in divine timing. I wish for everyone to meet such a beautiful healing soul like you who does such wonderful, simple and yet all-concerning work.”
— Stephanie B., Switzerland
“Thank you so, so much! I really am loving my life. I see things so much more clear and am enjoying every minute I have. I realize that I don’t need someone to complete me. That I do a good job completing myself. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there when I needed a friend. A new look into my life. You helped me see things from a different view, allowed me to reevaluate what was good for me and my kids, taught me to connect to a deeper me and supported me along the way. Thank you my friend! Thank you!”
— Tonya J., Utah, USA