One Time Homework

  • Setting Intentions
  • Complete Soul Facet Restoration
  • Bookmark "I'm Ready" page

Daily Homework Until We Begin

  • You will be doing this meditation every morning throughout our time together. 

Morning + Evening Rituals

Morning Ritual for all 8 weeks:

  • Golden Web Meditation (see above)
  • Complete Clearing (you will receive a personalized version. this is only to be used as a back-up)


Evening Ritual for all 8 weeks:

  • Reflection + connection of how the blocks show up in your life
  • Notice any habits and patterns you have built up that hold the blocks in place
  • Ask, "What else is possible?" "What do I want to feel instead?"
  • Find an action item you can do to replace the habit

Additional Resources:

Additional Resources

These are a few of my favorite things. Consider it extra credit in the homework department! You just might find that if you are "falling behind" these resources can help move you far past the finish line.

Empath class

audio Block
Double-click here to upload or link to a .mp3. Learn more


There may be times that your filters are so activated, jumping from where you are to where you will be when doing your clearing is just too big of a leap. When you find yourself in massive resistance, I highly encourage tapping. Tapping is a way to move energy through you by acknowledging where you are and what you want to replace it with (sound familiar?). 

You can use this video by Greg Yates, or find a million others on YouTube. I love using tapping as part of my morning ritual before doing my clearing. I find it gets me excited to do my clearing and to move toward my daily goals.


Space + energy Clearing Music

I love playing this in the background. This is especially useful after a heavy session of processing to ensure all the toxic energy that left your body also leaves your space!






Courage + Vulnerability