Website readings dive into the energetic undertones of what your website is truly conveying to your clients. Your clients may not be tuned into exactly why they say "yes" or "no" to what you are offering, but the truth is held in the vibration of your copy. As an Energy Expert, I am able to feel into what your website is really communicating to your potential clients.


Specific energies covered:

  • Your internal discord presented through your copy
  • Level of authentic connection to your audience
  • How you are being seen: Expert or Dud?
  • Level of engagement by your ideal client
  • Energetic impact of your web design
  • Any specific questions you may have regarding your website


Sales Page Reading -$180

45 minute session telling your conversion story


3 page website reading- $330

90 minute session covering your Home Page, About Page + Sales Page


full website- $430

120 minute in-depth session covering the overall impact of your entire website (limited to 10 pages total)


Website Readings